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Advocate for the Bronx Outside of the Courtroom

In addition to the work that must be done within the Bronx District Attorney’s Office, Tess will advocate for the Bronx’s interests and safety beyond the walls of the District Attorney’s Office. Tess will seek meaningful change by pushing not just for new policies, but for the funding that can make them a reality. 


To do that, Tess will: 


  • Continue to advocate for legislative changes that reduce mass incarceration. For years, Tess has been actively pushing to change the New York laws that perpetuate mass incarceration and overpunishment in the criminal legal system. She will continue her advocacy as Bronx District Attorney, including encouraging legislators to enact the Clean Slate, Parole Justice, Treatment Not Jail, Felony Diversion, and Communities Not Cages bills.


  • Advocate for community investment. Tess will also use her platform as Bronx District Attorney to advocate locally and at the state level for meaningful investment in our communities. Building thriving and healthy communities through housing, healthcare, transportation, education, and food security does more to prevent crime than policing and prosecution do. Tess will push those who allocate resources to direct funds toward those ends. 


  • Support initiatives to improve the physical environment in the Bronx. Research shows that some of the easiest ways to lower violent crime is to improve the aesthetics of the community. Tess will advocate for changes that will promote public safety and help our communities thrive. Tess will also prioritize environmental justice in the Bronx and seek out opportunities to collaborate in this area. 

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