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Hold Powerful People Accountable

Tess spent her career as a prosecutor holding doctors who flooded our streets with oxycodone accountable for the harm they caused New Yorkers. She will bring that investigative skill and focus to the Bronx District Attorney’s Office and hold accountable the powerful individuals who harm the people of the Bronx.


To do that, Tess will:


  • Ensure unbiased prosecutions of police misconduct. Tess will have a walled-off, independent unit that investigates cases of alleged police brutality, staffed by people who have experience in these very unique types of investigations. This will eliminate both real and perceived conflicts and ensure that the cases are handled with the same level of care as every other case that comes through the office. 

  • Take on public corruption. Tess will invest heavily in the public corruption unit to ensure that all people—including public officials—who abuse their power in the Bronx are held responsible. 

  • Prosecute landlords and employers. Landlords and employers break the law in the Bronx with impunity. They flout laws, falsify court documents, create unsafe homes and worksites, and steal money from hardworking members of the Bronx. Tess will create a unit dedicated to this type of crime, to make sure landlords, employers, and other powerful individuals are held accountable for the harm they cause.

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